Shot of Happiness – Mother/Daughter Edition

Mar 9, 2011 by

This is an extra special Shot of Happiness series. This one is dedicated to my Mom (aka “JP” or “Mommy” as I refer to her).

You see I live in Santa Barbara and my mom lives in Baltimore (roughly 2,987 miles and 2 time zones apart). Since I’ve moved out here I’ve tried to make her birthday special despite the fact I can’t be physically there to celebrate. Two years ago it was her 50th birthday, a milestone that was heart-breaking to miss. So in an effort to be creative, I made her a care package of her favorite things. But being that she was turning 50 there had to literally 50 of each item. So 50 tea bags, 50 Twizzlers, 50 Mentos, 50 packs of gum, 50 Beauty products (the travel size kind), and $50 Starbucks Gift card. I also made a list of 50 reasons why my mom is awesome. Needless to say she cried when she opened the gift. And that list of 50 things, well it hangs in her kitchen for all to see.

So this year I wanted to do something on the blog. Better yet I wanted to involve all of you to help me celebrate my mom’s birthday! The more the merrier right? Right.

"Sunset Sails on the Pacific" by Lindsey Morningstar

"Beach Memories" by Kristin

"The best kind of learning" by Kristin

"Diamons are a Girl's Best Friend" by Kristin

"Three Generations of Hungarians Around A Table" by Sarah @

"Throwing Coins at the Trevi Fountain" by Emily @

"Mommy and Me Time" by Kate @

"Luca Love" by Kate @

"Best embrace" by Lindsey Morningstar

Thank you so much to all who sent pictures in. These images bring tears to my eyes because of the emotions and memories captured in each one. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.

Happy Birthday Mommy!! Next year I’ll be home to celebrate with you!

xoxo, Lindsey

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  1. Love the pictures today!! So sweet :) Also wanted to let you know that I passed the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. You may have received it before but I wanted to recognize your blog on mine to send some more viewers your way!

  2. Beautiful! So glad to have found your blog (on Health for the Whole Self), as I’m also a psychologist/blogger. Looking forward to reading more about you and your beautiful SoCal life (I went to USC for grad school, and though LA doesn’t hold a candle to Santa Barbara, I do miss the west coast at times!).

    • Lindsey

      Glad you found the blog too! There aren’t too many psychologist/bloggers out there, so it’s refreshing to find one! I’ll definitely check out your blog too. I’m about to move back to the east coast for my internship, so my lovely west coast life is coming to an end soon :(

  3. Amazing! im glad i found this blog, So interesting to know more psychologists out there. And hopefully you continue posting like this post.God Bless:)

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