Yes, this is perfectly acceptable

May 20, 2011 by

So this happened…

and it might have happened 10 more times, not that I was really keeping count

it made me wonder why I didn’t realize I had access to this fabulous combination before?

how did I have a jar of Nutella silently sitting in my pantry?

why was I eating dates as dessert before?

and then I remembered something else in my pantry that goes quite well with chocolate

then I went for a 10 mile run.

just kidding. that didn’t happen.

I just sat outside in the sun and read a good book.

no need to feel guilty, Nutella is part of a balanced meal.

have a good weekend everyone!

I hope it’s as balanced as nutella, peanut butter, and pretzels.

as life was intended to be


PS – After you go out and purchase Nutella and peanut butter you can read my guest blog post over at Hit the Bricks to give you some athletic inspiration.

Not that you should feel guilty about eating this – I sure as hell didn’t.

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  1. have you ever smeared nutella on croissants before rolling them up and baking? add pecans and sprinkle the top with cinn sugar. it is sooo good! i brought it to a work party lsat year and everyone LOVED it!

    • Lindsey

      Oh my god that sounds soo good! I’m having a girls night this weekend so that might need to happen. In fact you should bring that to your picnic!

  2. That is my dessert almost every day after lunch. Excpet I have to ration out the pretzel rods as to not eat an entire bag of them along with an entire jar of nutella. But seriously it is the best combo ever. (How peanut butter never made it into a menage-a-trois I have no idea but that is happening)

    • Lindsey

      Seriously I was way late on the Nutella band wagon, it’s like I’ve been living under a rock! Oh and the PB mixed in, sooo good.

  3. ohh I love the look of that salty, sweet, and (most importantly) chocolately combo mmm mmmm! :)
    anything nut buttery is fine by me!

    I’m definitely going to check out your guest post and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! :)

    PS I’m going to add the Progress not Perfection Tanks to my Shop later today! So glad you like them! :)

  4. they are so good when served warm so i would totally make them if i was serving them nice and toasty.. Melted PB and Nutella > Regular Temp!

  5. I love Nutella. When the doctor told me I couldn’t have nut products anymore, I damn near cried thinking about this.

  6. I really haven’t found anything that doesn’t go perfectly with Nutella. I love it! In France I slathered it on everything I could find. Back here…I haven’t bought a jar because I know I can’t control myself around it!

    • Lindsey

      Oh I totally caught myself eating it with a spoon yesterday and no it’s almost gone!

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