Why You Should Attend your High School Reunion

Nov 29, 2011 by

I attended my 10-year high school reunion this past weekend. Obviously I didn’t invent Post-Its or make it in a Trashy Magazine before the big day (I’m holding out for the 20-year reunion!) but I still managed to show my face.

I was surprised by how many of you told me you didn’t attend your reunion or weren’t planning on going to yours. I honestly didn’t think twice about signing up for it!

It’s not that I was super cool or really popular in high school. I was more that girl-next-door type of person, you know friendly with everyone but never on top of the trends or gossip. And thankfully I was never part of the gossip or at least I don’t think I was… I guess if I was the gossip I was too clueless to know about it!

Now I know there are many of you who want to nay say on reunions because you might hate the people you went to high school with, or it brings back bad memories, or you think no one will talk with you. Well for YOU I made this handy dandy list of 10 reasons you should attend your high school reunion:

1. You have accomplished stuff! Who cares if you don’t have a book deal in the works and haven’t starred in a reality tv show! I bet in the past 10 years you have done something pretty amazing. Yes, spending a god-forsaken amount on grad school does count for something.

2. You get to reminisce about all the stupid things you did back when life was so much simpler. Like choreograph dance moves to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and showcase them any chance you get. Oh wait I still do that…..

3. You are not waiting for some douchebag to ask you to a school dance anymore. Who will of course invite you last minute, but then change his mind and invite one of your friends instead because he obviously can’t make up his mind who he wants to bang more. Oh and by the way that’s a true story and I’m obviously still bitter.

PS – Said douchebag is not in this photo. I’m not sooo bitter I would plaster his face across the Internet.

4. You know how to do your hair and makeup. It might have taken you 28 years to figure out how to blow out your hair, or at least now you have money to buy $400 worth of product to harness that frizz. Believe me it looks better now.

5. You’re at the legal age to drink! Believe me the interactions go wayyy smoother once everyone’s drank half a bottle of wine.

6. Peach Schnapps will not be served. Nor will anything from your parents’ liquor cabinet, thankfully.

7. You won’t see these people all again for another 10 years. So if the night all goes to shit, who cares! It’s not like you have to sit next to them in algebra class tomorrow morning. Just don’t hook up with someone’s husband. That might follow you into the future.

None of these men became our husbands, a very good thing.

8. People tend to be pretty nice when you ask how they’ve been. Let’s be honest, we all like to talk about ourselves so having the opportunity to brag a little feels good. So go on and show off!

Yay Baltimore Bloggers! Jenny from Love, Eat, Run and Jess from Just Call me Janks

9. You get to see all the people you stalk on Facebook. We all know way too much about each other through Facebook, which you might think eliminates all the fun. But seeing and talking to people in person tops any online chat. Remember that.

10. You have the smarts to NOT sign up with Glamour Shots anymore.

Seriously I look like a drunk housewife ready to find myself a man 3x my age to buy me a pack of cigarettes.

Now go forth and meet up with those old high school friends of yours! And if all else fails just stalk the hell out of their Facebook account and Google old boyfriends while drinking wine alone in your apartment. I won’t judge as long as you don’t judge me for my bad hair and awful outfits.

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  1. Love all the highschool dance pictures! :) So great to see you on Saturday…we definitely need to get together more often.

  2. Um, that glamour shot is AMAZING. <3

  3. Bess

    I love this blog entry! The pictures are hysterical.

  4. I’d go to my highschool reunion if there was going to be glamorshots. Mine is next year, and I’m not so sure…everyone has been hanging out in the hometown without me….

  5. Annalyce

    Just wait until I post pics on my blog that I didn’t send you…

    You are in big trouble


  6. Wendy

    love it! and loved seeing you!!!

  7. hahaha – this is so awesome! I attended my 10-year last fall and I’m glad I did. I’m still close with a group of my high school girlfriends so that made it fun.

  8. Nia

    I LOVE THIS POST! I went to my 10 year in August (after some persuading) and had a great time! I really expected it to be a horrible re-enactment of my awkward high school years, but it was nothing like that. Your list is dead on. Go to your reunion, and enjoy NOT being in high school any more. Glad you had a good time :)

  9. Ron

    Can’t say that I would ever attend any high school related social function. I left high school 32 years ago, and have not looked back. I had a dose of the real adult world before graduating, and it put the whole experience of the social aspect of school into perspective for me. What was so important in school, trying to decode the unwriten rules of the caste system, fitting in, what was cool or not, hair, clothes, parties has no value in the real adult world.

    Gone was the goofing off, expending effort on an assignment based upon one’s interest, deadlines, schedules, coming home tired, sore, dirty and going to bed early. Eagerly awaiting the schedule rotation so I could have a Saturday off. People who faced real life issues, a life threatening illness, red flags in an upcoming marriage, one working two jobs to maintain a lifestyle beyond his means, financial obligations. This was what real life was made of. Not what we invested our efforts in in high school.

    I have grown up, away and beyond that time in my life. I have no particularly grand or horrific memories of the experience, nor were my glory days 35 years ago gaining the approval of the teachers or moreso the recognition of other students. New friends, new interests, new challenges, grandchildren.

    The school has an alumni site, I only recognize a few names and fewer friends. We have not kept in touch over the years, we all went our separate ways. I hope they have done well, but I feel no need to reconnect with people I know longer know and compare resumes. There is also a facebook page, pictures of buddie in a group hug, holding scuffed beer bottles, the blue eyliner girls who always had the clothes, hair and makeup and are now actually benefitting from the years of experience. Gatherings in lounges whose main clientelle are the ones eager to use their first credit card,the pastelle colored “exotic” beverages in their glasses. The scanned, well preserved full color newspaper picture of “the big game”. Just not for me.

    I cannot get nostalgic for it. It sinks deeper down on the trash heap of history as time goes on, being less and less significant each passing year.


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